Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Accessories

The right bathroom accessories take your space from ordinary to whatever style you desire. But accessorizing your bathroom doesn’t just enhance its look—it also helps set the mood and feeling as you get ready each day.

Whether you desire a glamorous look, minimalistic, or something in-between, there are factors beyond looks that are useful to consider when choosing the right accessories for your bathroom.

What Accessories Should I Put In My Bathroom?

Some bathroom accessories you should start with include:

  • Shower curtains
  • Towel hooks
  • Toilet seats

These simple additions add functionality to your bathroom and help define its style.

Picking the right finish for your bathroom accessories is another important consideration. Some people like to match their accessories’ finish with their sink faucets and shower heads. Others prefer mixing finishes like Chrome towel hooks with a Brushed Nickel faucet. Durability or ease of cleaning may also influence your choice in finish. Whichever is more important to you will help you create your dream bathroom environment.

Consider Preferences Before Choosing Bathroom Accessories

As you think about what accessories you want, you should consider other factors like function, cleanability, and more. Fully thinking through all of these factors will help you stay on budget and get the exact look you’ve always wanted.

Primary Function of Bathroom

Never buy something you won’t need or use. Some accessories look nice but serve no purpose beyond that. Consider the function of each item you want to add to your bathroom. Before buying that magnifying mirror, consider whether you’ll use it often. If it makes your morning routine easier and improves the style of your bathroom, you’ve found a winner.

Water Resistance

It’s a bathroom—things are going to get wet occasionally. That’s why it's important to consider what material your bathroom accessories are. Instead of going with a wicker tissue box cover, you should consider a marble or metal one. It would be a shame to purchase an accessory that gets ruined before you could get the full use out of it.

Size & Bathroom Organization

Big accessories take up a lot of space. If your bathroom space is already small, each accessory that can’t sit atop another fixture or surface will make it even smaller. Think about the size of each item and where they fit into your bathroom.

Cleanability of Bathroom Accessories

Easy-to-clean accessories are a must for your bathroom (and life). Make sure the bathroom accessories, like towel hooks or bars that are used daily, aren’t making your chores any harder. Go with an easy-to-clean finish or material, such as Brushed Bronze, Chrome, Satin, or Brushed Nickel.

What Are the Best Finishes for Bathroom Accessories?


Any space truly shines with Chrome finishes. People love Chrome finish for its versatility, non-corrosive properties, and its enduring brilliance. You can pair Chrome finish with various other materials and finishes in your bathroom, such as Brushed Brass or Satin Black, for a luminous complement to your decor. Chrome is also quite durable and stands up well against corrosion from water and steam.

Satin Black

Looking for something that’s smooth, subtle, and water-resistant? Choose Satin Black bathroom accessories. This finish has a silky, rich finish that transcends the boundaries of style and helps elevate the look of your bathroom. Understated and easy to clean, Satin Black’s classic yet modern take on color grounds a room’s design and allows for perfect coordination with metallic finishes and more.

Brushed Nickel

Looking for accessories fit for a softer design? Give your bathroom an elegantly classic look or add to it with Brushed Nickel accessories. Beyond its soft and elegant look, Brushed Nickel is also durable and easy to maintain. This versatile finish is equally at home in bathrooms imbued with cool blues and contemporary touches, as well as in elegantly classic rooms with rich wood details and hints of warmth.

Brushed Bronze

Going for a softer styling with warmer hues? You can’t go wrong with a Brushed Bronze finish for your bathroom accessories. Easy to clean and durable, this lasting finish exudes a warm golden tone that beautifully highlights every subtle detail, while the brushed surface gives a soft metallic glow, complementary to any style. Gerber’s Brushed Bronze is produced using cutting-edge Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology. This process molecularly bonds the finish to the product, creating the most durable and long-lasting type of finish available on the market.

What Types of Bathroom Accessories are Available?

These bathroom accessories add functionality and style to your home. From towel rails and hooks to bathroom sink accessories—browse all the possibilities.

Towel Bars & Robe Hooks

Hook your towel or robe up with one of these great accessories.

Toilet Accessories

Simple accessories like toilet brushes, their holders, waste bins, and universal tank levers can add to the character of your bathroom.

Bathroom Sink Accessories

Clean and moisturize hands each morning with a stylish soap or lotion dispenser for your bathroom sink. Adding toothbrush holders, shower caddies, and soap dishes can add convenience and lets you put some personal touches on your setup.

Shower Accessories

A fresh shower curtain with a matching mat can bring a bathroom together. Pair it with a shower arm to extend the reach of your shower head and give it a complete look.

Other Things To Consider

While technically not an accessory, things like your bathroom lighting can affect the way it looks. You may have no control over getting natural lighting into your bathroom but adding light fixtures could help bring out the best of it.

For High-Quality Bathroom Accessories, Trust Gerber

Whether you choose Brushed Nickel bathroom accessories, Chrome, or one of our other selections, you always make a good choice ordering from us. We manufacture high-quality bathroom accessories and products that last. And the best part is, they’re surprisingly affordable. See for yourself here or contact us today to get started.