The Perfect Kitchen Faucet, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Can’t decide on your new kitchen faucet and looking for a sign? When planning the color scheme, style, and elements for your dream kitchen, you may not know where to start. Choosing a style based on your zodiac sign can be a fun, simple way to personalize your kitchen, and Gerber’s got you covered.


Aries:  Mar. 21–Apr. 19 

Parma® Single Handle 

As an Aries, you love both bold colors and sleek, contemporary lines. Your kitchen faucet is a power statement, and the Parma® Single Handle in Brushed Bronze is perfect for you. With thoughtful sizing and modern lines, the Parma will be at home rising out of your shiny quartz countertops. You believe in dressing for success, and your kitchen is no exception. 

Taurus:  Apr. 20–May 20 

Daylene™ Pull-down 

Classic and comfort. These are two things you aren’t willing to compromise on, and with the Daylene™ Pull-Down as the centerpiece of your kitchen, you won’t have to. Like all of Gerber’s faucets, it’s backed by the Set–It–and–Forget–It™ promise, so you have peace of mind that your faucet will be as reliable and as trustworthy as you are. 

Gemini:  May 21–Jun. 21 

Sirius® Single Handle

Gemini, you are at your brightest when surrounded by family and friends. The kitchen is the heart of your home and the faucet is the heart of the kitchen. With its 360° swivel spout and side spray,the Sirius® Single Handle is versatile enough to handle it all, from brunches with bunches of friends to dinners with the whole family. 

Cancer:  Jun. 22–Jul. 22 

Opulence® Bridge

You usually aren’t chasing after the latest and greatest. As a Cancer, you yearn for the elegance and simplicity of eras gone by. But just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean you don’t want it. Gerber’s Opulence® Bridge faucet combines timeless design and precision craftsmanship, giving you both modern convenience and classic beauty. 


Leo:  Jul. 23–Aug. 22 


Get ready, Leos! You are confident, sunny, loyal, and big-hearted. And according to your zodiac, the Kinzie® faucet might just be perfect for you. You were wondering about home renovations, weren’t you? Wonder no more.More is more, and with the warm glow of the Brushed Bronze Kinzie lighting up your kitchen (or bathroom, because why not?) your expressive and confident personality will be on full display. 

Virgo:  Aug. 23–Sept. 22 

Opulence® Pull-down 

Your plant family is thriving. Your lotus position has been perfected. You are living your best Virgo life, and the only thing missing is the perfect kitchen faucet. That’s where Gerber’s Opulence® Pull-Down comes in. With graceful elements and classic charm, the Opulence will be the perfect complement to your rustic-modern design scheme—and your high standards. 

Libra:  Sept. 23–Oct. 23 

Parma® Bridge 

Libra’s are represented by the scales, a symbol depicting their desire for harmony and equality. And what better way to bring your zodiac into the kitchen than with the Parma® Bridge faucet? With perfectly proportioned lines and fashionable modernism, the Satin Black Parma is representative of the grace and elegance every Libra possesses.  

Scorpio:  Oct. 24–Nov. 21 

Draper® Pull-down

You have perfected the art of refined alure with a breeze of mystery. And everyone takes notice when luminous kitchen jewelry like the Draper® Pull-Down is striking a pose on your countertops. It’s a power play to juxtapose brilliant chrome against bold black countertops. But you don’t mind. 


Sagittarius: Nov. 22–Dec. 21 

Amalfi™ Pull-down

Sagittarius, you light up the room. You aim high in life, you travel when you get the urge, and you aren’t afraid to rock the boat when it comes to your design choices. The Amalfi™ Pull-Down with SnapBack® Retraction fits your appetite for adventure as it is inspired by the dramatic coastline of Italy.. You’re already thinking about how to decorate the rest of your kitchen, aren’t you? Lots of natural light, textures, and travel mementos are just the beginning…  

Capricorn:  Dec. 22–Jan. 19 

Vaughn™ Single Handle 

You work hard for everything, Capricorn. You crave durability and practicality, with a touch of refined beauty. The Vaughn® Single Handle fits the bill. This drip-free faucet suits all your basic needs, and looks good while doing it.The Vaughn, like you, is a hard worker and made to persist and endure your storm of food prep, incessant hand washing, and cleaning. hand washing, and cleaning. 

Aquarius: Jan. 20–Feb. 18 

Mid-Town® Single Handle

You’ve been dreaming of the perfect kitchen. It’s uber modern, and it’s all about the silhouette. You’re a rebel at heart and are looking for something edgy and avant-garde. Enter the Mid-Town®. The blend of sharp lines with a smooth curve fits your vision exactly. 

Pisces:  Feb. 19–Mar. 20 

Antioch® Pull-down

You have a reputation of being indecisive, Pisces. We know that’s complete phooey, but we’re here to help you make up your mind, just in case. The Antioch® Pull-Down has the subtle yet relaxing lines for a beautiful and harmonic kitchen, without compromising your zen or taking the focus away from your beach-chic–meets–modern–boho décor scheme.