August 23, 2020

Build Your Pipeline: 3 Strategies for Growth

Your business is as strong as your brand. The growth of your business relies on brand recognition and trust to help customers choose you over your competitor. At Gerber®, we’re interested in the success of your business through the power of your brand, which is why we offer high performing products at an incredible value to keep your customers coming back. But how can you grow your business beyond your existing customer base? Blue Corona, a leading digital marketing firm, offers real-world insight for plumbing business owners based on extensive experience with the plumbing and HVAC industry. In this article, Gerber examines a few of those tips to help you optimize your business development strategy, and ultimately, accelerate your growth:

Learn Your Options for Leads

Leads are the back-bone of sales, and lead generation is critical to maintaining a sales pipeline that supports growth. From directories and media sites to lead generation and pay-per-lead options, there are a lot of avenues that you can pursue to gain prospects. Blue Corona gives insight on the best lead generation avenues for plumbers here :

Nurture Those Leads

While your efforts will vary depending on how you generate leads, nurturing leads is critical to the success of long-term business growth. According to Blue Corona, 70-80% of people research a company online before making a purchasing, meaning that your prospects make up their mind before you ever get to know them or their specific needs. This makes your website the most important asset for lead nurturing. Coupled with other marketing channels like social media and email, an effective website can propel and sustain your sales pipeline. Check out this Blue Corona article on how to build a better plumbing and HVAC-focused website:

Treat Customer Service as a Marketing Strategy – Because It Is

Extraordinary customer service is essential for positive brand recognition and long-term growth. This is where your customers can really see what makes your company different, and their customer service experiences are what they remember and share. Blue Corona strongly recommends that companies view customer service as a long-term marketing investment rather than a necessary evil. Check out why, and the consequences of under-valuing customer service here: