Beware of Unauthorized Sellers/Dealers

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and products that are backed by our top-notch warranties. We are also committed to being a good business partner with our valued authorized distribution network.

Please be cautious of resellers on Amazon and eBay, and those that have their own ecommerce websites. Many resellers who sell through these online marketplaces are not authorized dealers of Gerber Plumbing Fixtures (“Gerber”) products.

Avoiding Unauthorized Resellers

Products sold by unauthorized distributors are often not purchased from Gerber. Instead they are typically acquired from a host of other sources. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, we highly recommend not purchasing from unauthorized dealers. Additionally, many of these unauthorized dealers change names and locations frequently so they cannot be reached to provide customer service.

We are using our best efforts to prohibit these companies from taking advantage of consumers, but the risk still exists. To ensure that you receive the quality products and service that you are entitled to when you purchase Gerber products, it is important that all your purchases of our products be made only through Gerber authorized distributors.

Determining if a Dealer is Authorized to Sell Gerber Products

When in Doubt:

Contact Us Directly

Dangers of Purchasing Uncertified Products

Gerber products sold by unauthorized dealers are sometimes purchased on a secondary “gray” market and can be damaged, defective, refurbished, stolen or even counterfeit. It’s not uncommon for such dealers to deny responsibility for product/support issues.

The following online companies are not authorized to sell Gerber products (this list is not all inclusive):

Unauthorized Ecommerce Websites

  • Kitchen & Bath Authority
  • Lux Home
  • PlumberStock
  • Focal Point

Unauthorized Amazon Resellers

  • Luxury Plumbing Store
  • Faucets and More
  • Flow Home
  • LuxHome
  • plumbingwholesaler

What Happens if You Find out Your Product was Purchased from an Unauthorized Source

You can take comfort in knowing Gerber will stand by our warranties, but for the protection of our valued customers and authorized resellers, we strongly discourage buying from unauthorized dealers.

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