New Technology and Features Driving Interest and Demand for Gerber’s Hinsdale® Collection

Woodridge, Ill., July 12, 2021 – The Hinsdale® collection, named to recognize a Chicago community, is one of the most distinctive toilet and sink lines Gerber® Plumbing Fixtures manufactures. Its namesake is a small and classic Americana suburb, with tree-lined streets, well-preserved stately homes, and some modern properties that are magazine worthy. Recent, new features to this collection have resulted in generating more interest from consumers.

Kevin McJoynt, Gerber’s Director of Product Management – Fixtures, says the Hinsdale collection was introduced in 2017, but the recent updates are clearly creating a rejuvenated buzz with homeowners.

“Hinsdale is a simple, traditional style and on a slightly smaller scale than most of our other designs. But it was the first of our toilets to include the proprietary QuietClean™ flushing technology we introduced,” he noted. “This flush system uses large jets instead of smaller holes to scrub the inside of the bowl with more vigor to keep it clean, and it does so while creating less noise. The concealed trapway on the toilet was introduced early last year. Overall, it is garnering a very positive response.”

McJoynt believes the traction is in part due to efforts Gerber to better understand the wants and needs of the consumer.

“As our toilets continue to offer improved performance, we are looking at opportunities to address consumer concerns. Our research shows there is growing interest in the benefit of reduced sound, and appliance manufacturers around the world are increasingly marketing their products to take advantage of the tangible benefits associated with a ‘quiet’ product. Applying this to toilets made sense, and we have received insightful feedback that we can use for future product development.”

Hinsdale is located in Chicago’s western suburbs, about 20 miles from downtown. Traditional in every sense, six homes and buildings are on the list of the National Register of Historic Places. McJoynt says the bathroom collection itself reflects the community’s style. This includes a pedestal sink, complete with a generous wash basin and large deck space. It is available in single hole, 4” and 8” faucet configurations, and either standard or petite size.

“Suburban environments like Hinsdale are often more traditional than urban settings, and pedestal sinks are found in more traditional bathrooms. There was a trend where consumers preferred some storage in the bathroom, but now there are indications that pedestal sinks are seeing a comeback in some areas.”


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